Who are we?

Our company is based in the beautiful estate Quinta da Silveira, one of the oldest in the production of Port wines in the Douro Superior region, the Municipality of Torre de Moncorvo, and the parish of Adeganha.

Located in the Vilariça Valley, a geological cleft with a very particular terroir.

Having been owned by the Oliveira Martinho family since 1851, it has maintained and improved the production of Port wines and Douro DOC, trying to maintain the tradition in the production of high quality wines, old vines and the best grape varieties in the new vinified wineries combining, on the other hand, factors of modernity in the fermentation temperature control, quality of pressing, and ripening of selected wines in barrels.

The company also owns Quinta do Tourão, with vines of enormous quality, in the same Vilariça Valley, which, due to environmental concern we are preparing for Biological production.

The company also produces olive oil and intends to extend its activity to tourism.