The Douro region, a world heritage site, is proud to be the oldest demarcated and regulated region in the world. Of incredible beauty, it accompanies the meandering of the waters of the river that gives it its name. From steep and rocky terrain, which has been difficult to transform, only hard work has managed to build one of the regions producing the best wines in the world on an inhospitable land. Miguel Torga the poet said that "God built the world but the Douroans built the douro".

This region surprises by the enormous variety of characteristics of nature and also human. It presents the highest amount of native grape varieties in old vines, often mixed in the same fields. The most different "terroirs" with soils, altitudes, solar expositions, slopes, precipitation and access to water, and very variable vines. For this reason you will find so many different types of wine from the generous Tawny Ports of different ages and Ruby, LBV, Vintages of great quality, along with excellent wines Douro DOC that have become famous in the last decades.

The Douro Superior, one of the three subregions of the Douro region, to the east, farther from the sea, where precipitation is among the lowest in the country, and the one with higher temperatures.

However, with lower yields per hectare and excellent quality of wines produced, in the last decade, despite the difficulties it has offered, it has been increasingly sought for new projects by producers in the region and others as a promised land capable of supplying wines of excellence.

Quinta da Silveira, located in Douro Superior, municipality of Torre de Moncorvo, is not a recent project. It began its work in the nineteenth century, when conditions were even more difficult, as a visionary project of its founder António Caetano of Oliveira, who brought a tradition that remains, but which is now supported with much innovation and passion for its descendants.

This justifies a production of Port and Douro DOC wines of enormous quality.